What is Qlock?

Qlock is a stylish, simple and yet powerful desktop world clock for Windows.



We made Qlock to be functional and discreet. That means no unnecessary features, no "special effects" and no hidden software that takes over your PC. It just does its job with no fuss. In fact, originally we made it for ourselves and friends, but it was too good not to share with everyone.



Create unlimited clock windows for every major city in the world, then simply drag them around the screen until you`re happy with the layout. Each window can have its color, size and display changed, they even clamp themselves to each other and to the sides of the desktop to help you design your own unique world clock - Qlock leaves it up to you.



Any world clock is useless without the correct time, with Qlock`s automatic Internet time sync you can be assured your PC`s clock will remain accurate to the second, 24 hours a day, all year long.



Qlock is more than just a world clock, it will even display RSS or Atom feeds and update them automatically throughout the day to help you keep on top of news and events around the globe, without even having to open a browser.



Qlock also lets you attach notes to every city so that you can keep track of phone numbers, reminders or anything else you would normally write down on a piece of paper. Go out on the road and Qlock Sync will then automatically sync your desktop Qlock settings with your laptop settings.


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