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Qlock is provided as a single self-extracting installation file.


To install, simply double click the file and follow the instructions.


After installation has completed and Qlock runs for the first time, you should see:

  • An introduction screen displaying the version of Qlock that you have just installed.
  • A few example world time windows on your desktop to get you started.

A new icon will also appear on the System Tray which is located on the far right of the task bar:



Left click this to hide/show all Qlock windows.

Right click to popup a menu of options - use this menu to create new Qlocks.


If you are using the free version of Qlock, then you will see a icon next to certain menu options that are Qlock Professional features.




For best results, please make sure that "Smooth edges of screen fonts" is turned on in the Effects page of Display Properties (right click on the desktop and select Properties.)