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It is possible to have Qlock automatically adjust your PC`s system clock to the NIST Time and Frequency Division atomic clock situated in Boulder, Colorado USA.


This clock is used by `electric power companies, radio and television stations, telephone companies, air traffic control systems, participants in space exploration, computer networks, scientists monitoring data of all kinds, and navigators of ships and planes. `


Select Time Sync by right clicking on the Qlock icon, this will bring up a window that allows you to set the update frequency and location of the NIST server.


For most users, selecting Weekly or Monthly is enough to keep their PC clocks accurate (most PC internal clocks loose around 1-10 seconds each day). You may also sync Manually at any time by pressing the Sync Now button.


If Qlock has successful contacted the NIST server then the exact GMT/UTC time of the last update will be displayed in the Last Update box. Please note that Qlock will need to connect to the Internet to access the NIST server. If you have selected Manual update (which is the default), then Qlock will only attempt to correct your clock when you press Sync Now.


If you are behind a firewall that is restricting TCP access to port 13 (the NIST port), then Qlock will be unable to retreive the current time.