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I sent you a support message but you have not replied. Why are you ignoring me?

We try and reply to all support mails within a couple of days, if your support request was for Qlock Pro then we generally reply within a couple of hours. If you have not received an email from us then it most likely means that your spam filter software has either blocked our email or placed it in your spam folder or the email address that you entered was incorrect. If you do not receive a reply within a reasonable amount of time, then enter a different email address on the support form. Replies are sent from the domain.


I purchased Qlock Pro but did not receive the download. How can I download again?

Please visit and enter your Registration ID to download your copy of Qlock Pro. The Registration ID should have been mailed to when you made the purchase. If you did not receive an email, please check that it is not in your spam folder.


Does Qlock contain any spy-ware, mal-ware or trojans of any kind?

No. Absolutely not. Please be sure that you download Qlock only from the official site.


Why does Qlock try to connect to the Internet when the About window is displayed?

This is because there is a link to our web site in the left panel. The window uses Microsoft's standard Internet Explorer ActiveX control and is quite harmless. If you would like to check out the pages for yourself, please visit

If you have selected any option apart from Manual Update in the Internet Sync options window, then Qlock may also try to connect the Internet periodically to obtain the correct time. Qlock uses a TCP connection on port 13 (NIST) to connect to the currently selected time server. We are very strongly against programs that violate user`s privacy, and therefore do not log IP addresses or obtain any information from your machine. If you have a personal firewall such as ZoneAlarm, Qlock will work quite happily with Internet access disabled. Although you will not be able to use the Internet Sync feature or receive DST updates.


My city isn`t included, can I add it to Qlock?

Yes you can. Click on the `Add City` button in the Select City window. Enter the name, GMT offset and DST information (if applicable) then hit OK when finished. Your new city will then be visible under <User Cities> and <All Cities> in the Countries panel. It is currently not possible to select a country for any new cities, but this feature will probably be added later. To delete a user city name, simply select it and hit Delete City (or click the right mouse and select Delete). Please note that it is only possible to delete User defined cities.


I have lots of Qlocks on the screen, how do I move them all about together?

Holding the SHIFT key while dragging will move all the qlocks at once.


Where can I get the latest version of Qlock?

From the official qlock site :


I have already purchased Qlock Pro, how do I get the latest version?

Please visit and enter your Registration ID to download the latest version of Qlock Pro. Please note that updates and upgrades are free of charge for one year after purchase.


Are you planning other versions of Qlock?

Yes indeed, depending on how popular Qlock for Windows proves to be. (We do after all need to earn a living :-) First on the list will be a Macintosh and Linux X Windows version, other ideas are greatly welcome.


Why make Qlock when there are so many "World Clocks" available?

There are alot of them, but we believe none like Qlock. It looks good, its powerful and yet simple enough to be used by anyone. We use it ourselves everyday and we have very high expectations when it comes to software.


Is there any way I can help to improve Qlock?

Indeed there is; If you spot a mistake in the DST, time offset, city or country data, please let us know. You can also help us by purchasing Qlock Pro!


Qlock "Pro" ? I thought Qlock was free?

While we are extremely grateful for all of your donations so far, sadly it wasn`t anywhere near enough to really give Qlock the support it needs. So we`re currently trying out a system where we have a free version and a Pro version. The free version will always be free and will have major bug fixes and updates as often as possible. Qlock Pro will have all the latest features and the most updates.

If you have already donated and would like to get Qlock Pro, please contact us - we will be more than happy to give you a free copy.


Is there any other way to pay for Qlock Pro other than PayPal?

Although we prefer people to use PayPal if they can because it allows us to automate the transaction/update process, you may also purchase Qlock Pro from RegNow - please click here. After making your purchase, please contact us with your name/email address so that we can add your transaction to our database as soon as possible.


When I click the Qlock Pro Buy Now button it says I`m paying "PDABusiness", who are they?

Qlock was initially developed as part of PDABusiness create a range of useful little applications and games for Palm devices. Over the years as Qlock become more popular we moved it to its own site, where it is now. We keep Qlock orders and donations going through the PDABusiness PayPal account because a) it has accumulated a very good seller rating and b) it is easier to keep track of all the payments made so far.


When I purchased Qlock Pro I was sent a Transaction ID, is this the same as my Registration ID?

In most cases yes, they are the same ID. We did this to simplify the registration process, ie. so that people could use their paypal transaction ID to download their copy of Qlock Pro. Unfortunately we discovered that PayPal occaisonally send different IDs to the buyer and seller. So we have renamed "Transaction ID" to "Registration ID" in order to avoid confusion.

If you have already purchased Qlock Pro and you have 2 different Transaction IDs, please use the one from us, not paypal.


Qlock is displaying the incorrect time. How do I fix this?

If Qlock is displaying the incorrect time for your local city, or other cities, please check that your system timezone settings are correct. To do this, double click on the desktop clock display in the task bar, select the TimeZone tab and check that your timezone matches your current location. You may have to reset your computer after changing this.

Also, please make sure that you are using the latest version of Qlock as we sometimes make changes to the DST settings.


How do I uninstall Qlock?

To uninstall Qlock click Start->Programs->Qlock->Uninstall, then follow the instructions.


Is the Free Download version a Qlock Pro trial?

Yes and No. Its a trial version in as much as it allows you to try out Qlock Pro features, however if you do not use those features it will act as a fully functional standard Qlock. Options marked with a icon can only be used a certain number of times before a reminder window will popup asking you to upgrade.


What happened to the Qlock Lite version?

Qlock Lite is no longer available for 2 reasons:

a) Having a single version of Qlock greatly simplifies releases, bug fixes and upgrades.


b) Users of the free version can try out the features without having to install a seperate trial version.


Are updates and upgrades free of charge?

Updates and upgrades for Qlock Pro are free of charge for one year from the date of purchase.


I have forgotten my Registration ID, can you send it to me?

Sure. Please visit this page and enter your email address to have it sent to you again.


Desktop Qlock is great but how do I put it on my website?

Visit this page, type in the name of the city you wish to display and copy&paste the HTML code into your web page.


Why are the GMT offsets incorrect for some cities during daylight saving?

The GMT offset displayed in each Qlock window is the Standard GMT time difference in hours. This number is constant throughout the year, regardless of daylight savings. However, when a city is observing daylight savings then a small DST will also appear indicating that the standard GMT offset is + 1 hour.

This has changed in the latest version (v1.74) - the time offset is now displayed as the actual number of hours difference from your current location. For instance, if you live in London, Eng then a Qlock window displaying Tokyo will have an offset of +8 or +9 hours (depending on the time of year).


Why do I get an "NSIS Error" message when I try and install Qlock or Qlock Pro?

An NSIS Error message means the installation file was somehow corrupted or modified and is no longer valid. The error looks something like this:


"The installer you are trying to use is corrupted or incomplete.
This could be the result of a damaged disk, a failed download or a virus.


Please try one of the following to resolve this error:


* Disable all download accelerators and download the installer again.
* Update all active anti-virus software and download the installer again.
* Disable all active anti-virus software and download the installer again.
* Download Qlock using another computer and copy it to the original computer using reliable media.


If you do get this error, we strongly recommend getting your computer checked for viruses as it usually means that something is changing the installation file after it has been downloaded from our secure server.


One of my cities is showing the incorrect time whenever I restart Qlock, why is this?

Please check that you do not have a user city with the same name already defined. Click on the "Create Qlock" menu then select "User Cities" to check this. If there is a duplicate city defined here, delete it by clicking the "Delete City" button, then restart Qlock.